Welcome to one of the first episodes of our new podcast, The Patients Speak, where we combine business and science innovation with how patients need to be represented in research and marketing. One of the topics we discuss today is how to make sure the patient’s voice is heard all through that research process, on into the development and commercialization of new products, with our guest, Michael Biarnes.

Michael is the Manager of New Products and Business Development at Janssen, one of the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson. He is also the author of Redefining Success: Stories, Science, and Strategies.

Today, he shares that he has been lucky to work in cancer research, clinical diagnostics, neuroscience, and cardiovascular disease. Michael really talks to us about how he has made sure that the patient’s voice is heard throughout his almost 10-year career.

According to Michael, it is our responsibility that the right medicine goes to the right patient by introducing diagnostics, new biomarkers, and new signals to make sure that doctors and patients can make informed decisions. He also highlights some tips to help in that light

  • He stresses the importance of making sure that any decision that we make has the patient at the center.
  • Michael’s tip is to have all sorts of teams within your company incorporating patient insights and voices into decision-making to ensure that as a new product is developed and brought to market, it is done thoughtfully and it addresses the pain points for the patient’s journey to have an improved outcome.

He also has tips on decision-making for those responsible for clinical trials to better engage, not just with patients, but with communities.

  • That they are responsible for diversity, equity, and inclusion while carrying out trials.
  • He reminds them to engage the trusted advisors and or the trusted community leaders
  • Tell them to educate and give disease state awareness, as opposed to just talking about products.
  • They have to understand the patient’s journey.
  • They have to listen in order to make the needed improvements in the journey of their patients.

In summary, Michael is happy about the movement toward precision medicine and the amount of foundational work going into better understanding the neurodegenerative space. And also how major competitors have come together to collaborate on massive initiatives to share clinical trial data and do a deep dive into why our clinical trials failing and figure out what to do that will truly make a difference. And the continued growth in technology to aid in bringing more patients into clinical research.

In conclusion, In order to develop our own emotional intelligence, especially as we listen to patients, to be better listeners he urges us to “Be like a scientist and run some experiments” as per the title of the 11th chapter in his book.

Michael Biarnes

Michael Biarnes is Manager, New Products & Business Development at Janssen, a pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson.

Michael has worked in oncology, neuroscience, and diagnostics with organizations including the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, MESO SCALE DIAGNOSTICS, and Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University.

Michael has dedicated his career to improving patient outcomes.

His diverse skillset has allowed him to serve as an advisor and mentor to company founders, executives, future leaders, and college students.

Michael has a BS in Biology from Penn State, an MS in Biotechnology from Georgetown University, and an MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Michael published his first book titled Redefining Success: Stories, Science, and Strategies.

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