Welcome back to another enlightening episode of “The Patients Speak” with Mark Stinson, where we fuse the realms of healthcare business and scientific innovation with the patient’s voice to expedite their journey from diagnosis to wellness. Today, we’re thrilled to have Chuck Rinker, a colon cancer survivor and the CEO of Prsonas, a company that pioneers a unique blend of human and AI technologies to enhance patient engagement and communication.

Chuck’s journey, from the world of EA Sports and gaming to his current role, is intriguing. His personal experiences as a patient and caregiver have informed his mission to create more personal patient communication. As Chuck explains, their technology is designed to focus on patient needs and is set to revolutionize healthcare in several ways.

Chuck says, “From clinical outcomes to operational efficiencies, we’ve overlooked the impact on the patient’s mental state and journey. Prsonas with a purpose, as we call it, fills the gap in healthcare technology.”

Prsonas’ technology introduces digital communication avatars that improve the patient experience across various healthcare settings. A remarkable use case is helping patients navigate the labyrinthine hospital environment. In this role, the avatars serve as digital wayfinders and concierge services, ensuring patients can find their way, whether they speak English, Spanish, or even sign language. They make the healthcare system less burdensome for both patients and the staff.

Chuck adds, “The ultimate goal is to provide a concierge service that speaks your language, is culturally sensitive, and helps you navigate the complex healthcare system.”

But what can healthcare learn from large corporations like Disney and Wrangler, who’ve mastered brand intimacy and one-on-one marketing? Chuck asserts that the healthcare system needs to shift its focus from treating patient populations to treating patients as individuals. Achieving brand intimacy, where patients feel represented, heard, and cared for, is key to retaining and attracting patients.

Chuck’s personal journey has fundamentally reshaped his work at Prsonas. Being thrust into the whirlwind of information and disinformation when facing a critical illness, Chuck was determined to place the patient at the center of healthcare technology. This shift in focus, from commercial success to patient success, led to the birth of “Personas with a Purpose.”

And what does Chuck say to his teams to ensure they maintain a patient-centric focus? He highlights the importance of creating a gaming-like experience, where each patient feels represented, cared for, and heard, rather than selling products. By creating an advocate who communicates on a personal level, healthcare can shift from focusing on patient populations to treating patients one-on-one.

Chuck Rinker’s story is an inspiring example of how personal experience and dedication can drive innovation in the healthcare field. You can find out more about Prsonas at ihealthassist.com and prsonas.com to explore their innovative solutions and philosophy.

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