Patient empowerment, diversity, equity, and inclusion: we see the benefits for patients and caregivers. Yet we’re often asked how clinical physicians and trial investigators feel about “empowered” patients. Find out what 83bar CEO Bob Baurys says in his book Patient Activation. For a limited time, get the book at a discounted price.

Here is an excerpt from the book Patient Activation published by 83bar CEO Bob Baurys. It spotlights how medical providers can benefit from the empowered or “activated” patient:

“An activated patient is better for the provider, too.

Our goal is relevant for the patient’s health care provider who will be taking care of this prospective patient. She will be a better-prepared patient who has fewer basic questions and is closer to making a decision by the time she arrives at the office.

Obviously, the goal for the manufacturer or the client who has engaged 83bar is to make sure that we’re helping the right patient find the right solution in their right time to get the right outcome.

If this all works, everyone wins because the health care model is much more efficient when there’s less friction, less bouncing. The quicker a patient goes from a point of concern to a point of resolution, the less money is spent, the less time is wasted, and the more gratification with the delivery model is had by all parties. That’s why this education pillar is so important and so vital to making it work.”

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