Welcome back to our podcast, The Patients Speak, where we’re combining the business and science innovations of healthcare with the patient voice and how to help them navigate the complicated healthcare system to get from diagnosis to wellness faster and more smoothly.

Today we have two great guests and some interesting and timely information about how to accelerate the enrollment and recruitment of patients in clinical trials. We have Bob Baurys, the CEO of 83bar, and Matt Schwartz, the CEO, and co-founder of Virgo.

We are excited to talk to both Matt and Bob, about the announcement of their companies’ collaboration called The CONSTELLATION Platform.

Bob speaks on how important it is for his company to get the patient’s voice heard.

So 83bar found that they can help patients on the internet trying to find information about something they were researching for their healthcare. Engaging those patients who were doing self-education with the process would enable them to understand what’s true, or not true. This would essentially enable them to walk through a decision process and then figure out where and when to engage the healthcare system so that they have maximum efficiency

Matt says that they started Virgo with a mission to improve patient outcomes and clinical workflows in healthcare by developing automation and AI tools for endoscopy. Today they provide the leading cloud video capture management and AI analysis platform for endoscopy.

This is done by employing a small device very easy to install and they connect it to any existing endoscopy system that a physician may be using. And then the device uses machine learning to automatically start and stop video capture. So the doctors, the clinical team, don’t have to change anything about what they do. The procedures just automatically get recorded and securely transferred to our HIPAA-compliant web portal.

Matt says that they found different opportunities for what can be done with this endoscopy data. And a big part of that has led to the relationship with 83bar and being able to leverage this endoscopic data network to accelerate patient recruitment for clinical trials.

Together, the companies have created a collaboration called The CONSTELLATION Platform that gives us the imagery of stars connecting and aligning.

“We think it puts together the best of both worlds where we can surface incredibly high quality pre-screened patient candidates and work within the 83bar platform to get those patients properly navigated and enrolled into clinical trials,” says Matt about their platform.

In summary, the partnership between Virgo and 83bar has made this that much easier with the Constellation Platform to ease the patients’ journey. The coming together of the two companies has helped answer two very important questions:

  1. How do we tie technology to humans?
  2. How do we make technology work with empathy?

In conclusion, Bob left us with a call to action. His advice is that we try to listen to patients better by equipping them with the tools they need to self-educate better as we strive to continue to provide more resources for especially patients who are on the self-education pathway.

Learn more at https://www.constellationplatform.com/

If you’d like to read more about patient empowerment – along with the 83bar patient recruitment platform – go to www.83bar.com


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