As society continues to change, there is an even bigger push for pharma and medical companies to go beyond the pill. Meaning for them to empower patients beyond just a type of treatment. This translates to helping patients make informed and educated decisions about their own care and to increase their sense of well-being. Ultimately increasing the amount of value that is experienced by patients.

Why Now

While the “beyond the pill” movement has been around for some time, the execution of actionable tactics that make patients feel valued has been lacking. Why is the push for this movement happening now? It is due to a number of different factors.

Data collection and analysis are continuing to reach new levels of scale. While analyzing data and testing are nothing new in the medical field, applying these same scientific methods to measuring the value provided to patients is novel. Furthermore, pharma and medical companies are seeing that the ways studies are conducting can speed up the entire process while simultaneously getting higher quality data too.

Digital health is a new and expanding way in which patients receive care and are able to interact with healthcare professionals. While this will hopefully lead to a better experience for patients, it is still critical that companies understand that this is part of the process and just one of the many ways healthcare is evolving.

Because the standards for value, brand, and trust are higher than they’ve ever been before. The digital landscape in which people search and find information means that for many patients, providing a solution isn’t enough. It is about making sure that patients feel valued and are heard.

Lastly, it comes down to helping people. Making decisions about health and treatment is rarely an easy decision. Ethically speaking, helping patients confidently make decisions about their health care is the right thing for all of us to do.


Even though the desire for most companies is to provide value, achieving that can appear quite difficult.

As digital tools increase the way data is collected and processed, this alone doesn’t improve the patient experience. In fact, if done poorly, can make the patient feel isolated and diminished. 

The potential for perceived negative patient experiences to reach a massive audience are higher than they’ve ever been. This isn’t just damaging a net promoter score, but potentially reducing the perceived value future patients could experience or even preventing patients from seeking the next steps in treatment because of how they feel a brand or company is seen.

Furthermore, the amount of information that is available to the average patient is more than it has ever been in history. Patients who are trying to navigate a solution to their health concerns in a sea of data often don’t know where to look and can easily feel overwhelmed in just a few simple Internet searches.

Taking Action

While most pharma and medical companies know the importance of going beyond the pill, taking the necessary steps to provide more value to patients is often a difficult problem to solve.

Fortunately, here at 83bar, we’ve been able to successfully help companies move beyond the pill with our intuitive and highly effective patient activation and recruitment methods.

Our proven model works around four distinct phases outlined below.

Locate: The goal is to locate patients who meet the unique and often quite specific criteria of a clinical study or treatment. To find these patients we create digital ads that feel like they are created specifically for the potential patients viewing the ad. We are then able to leverage these ads through the use of highly targeted digital campaigns to ensure the right audience is reached.

Evaluate: After the patients have been initially found through the locate phase they are taken through an evaluation phase. We achieve this by utilizing smart surveys that can automatically adjust based on potential patients’ answers to questions regarding medical history, background, and other key factors.

Navigate: Next we help patients navigate their next steps. We bring them through a series of proven touchpoints that have been created to heighten engagement. We utilize a series of automation to ensure quick action which includes interactions with live agents.

Activate: The final phase is the culmination of not only finding patients that are good candidates for clinical trials and treatments but also connecting them with patient educators. This allows us to further screen based on criteria as well as giving patients the ability to speak with a real person. Giving them answers to their questions and educating them so they can confidently make a decision about their care.

For Your Patients

Even in our ever-increasing digital world, we’ve made it easier for patients to feel valued and have the ability to connect and speak with a live person. We couple this with our ability to analyze and collect data so that companies can make informed and intelligent decisions about their recruitment campaigns. Ultimately providing a place where patients feel valued and companies find the right patients, which in many cases, are not often found in the traditional recruitment methods.

All of this has led to a new kind of digital health ecosystem in which the way patients interact with the brands and companies serving them has shifted so that value is shared on both sides of the equation. 

If you’d like to learn more about how 83bar can help your company go beyond the pill, we encourage you to schedule a brief call below.