New platform connects the dots in clinical trials through recording, engagement, and recruitment

83bar, Inc. and Virgo Surgical Video Solutions, Inc. announce a strategic partnership creating a new clinical trial recruitment and engagement platform to accelerate trial recruitment.

The new Constellation™ Platform combines the 83bar Patient Activation system with Virgo’s core video recording platform and VirgoTrials suite of tools.

Constellation, with imagery of stars aligning, envisions the promise of this strategic partnership offering clinical trial sponsors and practice managers a way to connect the dots in the recruitment process.

“This first-of-its-kind patient recruitment platform integrates Virgo’s ability to analyze endoscopy videos to identify patients using an industry-recognized artificial intelligence algorithm. Then, potential candidates receive rapid outreach from the 83bar clinical contact center to educate them about local clinical trial options and screenings based upon specific indication criteria,” said Bob Baurys, 83bar CEO.

Craig Darling, Virgo VP of Life Sciences, added, “This new technology platform can accelerate study recruitment by connecting only protocol-qualified and ready-to-act patients to clinical trial sites and keeping patients engaged to prevent costly dropout.”

The Constellation™ Platform connects the dots with integrated patient
journey management:

  • Analyzes endoscopy video for inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Identifies qualifying inclusion profile
  • Contacts patient with a clinical agent (on behalf of physician’s office)
  • Educates and screens patient
  • Prepares informed consent
  • Schedules back for evaluation

The Constellation™ Platform helps clinical specialists extend care within their practices and retain more patients. It does more heavy lifting for site coordinators, resulting in reduced screen failures and filling trial quotas more efficiently. The outcome is primary investigators complete studies to get data published faster.

For trial sponsors, the Constellation™ Platform will identify more real-world candidates from clinical screenings, increase confidence in qualifications based on real-world criteria, and improve diversity from real-world patient populations. The outcome is sponsors get their data submitted sooner.

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About Virgo

Virgo provides the leading cloud video capture, management, and artificial intelligence analysis platform for endoscopic medicine. Academic,
integrated, and private practice healthcare providers use the Virgo platform to advance patient care through video-based research and training
initiatives. Virgo has helped physicians capture over 400,000 endoscopy procedures using industry-leading HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC2-compliant
cloud service providers. Virgo also supports integration with all leading electronic health records systems. In 2021, Virgo launched a suite of tools
called VirgoTrials for pharmaceutical trial sponsors and their participating trial sites. For more information, visit

About 83bar, Inc.

83bar, Inc. manages the patient journey from symptom to solution. The 83bar proprietary 4-part LEAN (Locate, Educate, Activate, & Navigate) System delivers ready-to-act patients to medical providers, on behalf of our medical device, medical diagnostics, and medical sciences partners. Over the last 5 years, the company has completed more than 2 million prospective patient conversations resulting in more than 100,000 successful patient
pathway outcomes across more than 25 therapeutic areas and associated diseases. Learn more at