Listening on the Patient Journey | What We’ve Learned

Join us at an important roundtable conversation regarding the patient journey. Learn more about what patients are looking for and the ways the entire experience can be improved for everyone.

In this discussion, we cover the following topics,

  • What health-seeking consumers and patients really know about their conditions and current treatments
  • How consumers and patients feel about their current conditions and their level of interest in new options
  • Who consumers and patients are relying on now for information
  • Most of all, how does our listening help better manage and accelerate a patient’s journey

A special thanks to all who participated in this discussion including:

  • Lee Tomlinson, author, speaker, and patient experience advocate
  • D’Arcy Ryan, Principal, FGT Health (formerly of Edelman, Patient Experience Project, GSW, Takeda)
  • Sue Hrim, Managing Partner and head of Clinical Services at 83bar
  • Meredyth Glass, Contact Center Strategy at 83bar