Urvashi Bhatnagar, Sustainability in Patient Care

Our guest today is URVASHI BHATNAGAR, DPT, MBA , a healthcare executive whose career spans clinical care, research, advocacy, and strategy and operations consulting for leading healthcare organizations.

Urvashi has experience working with clients to advance health outcomes in underserved communities leveraging advanced analytics and strategy — to address barriers to care, advance health equity, and improve access to life-altering high-quality care.

Bhatnagar holds an MBA from Yale University and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Boston University.

She believes global wellness can be achieved through sustained and intentional investment in products and processes that are designed to be inherently sustainable and capture value from the triple bottom-line advantages that sustainability offers.

Bhatnagar is co-author of the book The Sustainability Scorecard: How To Implement And Profit From Unexpected Solutions

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