Welcome back, friends and colleagues, to the latest season and newest series of interviews on our podcast, “The Patients Speak.” Today, I’m excited to have a conversation with RJ Kedziora, who is deeply involved in the digital health sector, specializing in data analytics and software development that impact the patient’s journey.

RJ’s company, Estenda Solutions, has a focus on patient-centered innovation in the digital health space. Key highlights of RJ’s work include:

1. **Empowering Chronic Condition Management:** Estenda Solutions began by developing diabetes management solutions, recognizing that chronic conditions like diabetes can be significantly managed through patient behaviors. RJ emphasizes that proactive management can enhance well-being.

2. **Technological Progress:** Over the years, advancements in technology have transformed health management. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) has evolved from 15-minute intervals to real-time data, enabling patients to understand their bodies’ responses and make informed choices.

3. **Comprehensive Patient Insights:** RJ discusses the importance of integrating biometric data with behavioral and clinical information. Creating a holistic view of each patient’s journey enables better care, encouraging healthier behaviors, and personalized treatment plans.

4. **Digital Therapeutics:** RJ introduces the concept of digital therapeutics, elevated digital health applications supported by clinical trials and regulatory approval. These applications can be prescribed by healthcare providers and even reimbursed by insurance, showcasing a shift toward more comprehensive digital interventions.

5. **Promoting Patient Engagement:** Estenda Solutions fosters empathy within its team by educating members about patients’ conditions and experiences. The focus on empathy encourages developers to create software that truly addresses patients’ needs and enhances their engagement with their own healthcare.

RJ also highlights the continuous evolution of technology, predicting that digital tools will seamlessly integrate into patients’ lives, aiding them on their wellness journeys. The use of AI further expands the capabilities of these tools, providing exciting prospects for improving patient understanding and care.

Join us next time as we continue to explore conversations with healthcare leaders, patient advocates, medical professionals, and researchers about the insights gained when “The Patients Speak.”

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