Hello friends and welcome back to our podcast, The Patients Speak, and happy New Year 2023.

If you just started listening to our show over the first few episodes, you know we’ve heard many great stories and examples from leaders on how to listen better. Specifically, we’ve heard from patient advocates on the ways they promote the patient voice and how they share a commitment to helping us all elevate that voice to a whole new level.

To start the new year, we wanted to share highlights of five patient advocacy guests to give you an idea of how they saw ways to accelerate the patient journey.

We’ll talk to

  • Wendy Bjork, The Empress of MS.
  • Michael Sapienza, the CEO of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.
  • Pam Cusick, Senior Vice President of Rare Patient Voice.
  • Andrea Wilson Woods, founder and president of Blue Faery for Liver Cancer.
  • Alicia Lawrence of NORD, the National Organization for Rare Diseases.

We hope you enjoy this summary of interviews with patient advocates.

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And certainly, come back again for our next episode. We’ll continue our conversations with patient advocates like these, along with healthcare executives, clinical researchers, and medical providers — all to give us insight into what we need to hear when the patients speak.