Episode: Physicians’ Views on Overcoming Obstacles to Patient Communications


In this episode of Patient Speak Healthcare Innovations, host Mark Stinson interviews healthcare leaders and advocates on overcoming obstacles to patient communications — and improving patient care.


Mark Stinson – Bestselling author


Dr. Alen Voskanian – Physician and Medical Executive, Author of “Reclaiming the Joy of Medicine”

  • Viewpoint: Addressing physician burnout is crucial for improving the patient experience.
  • Quote: “Burnout causes a lack of ability for physicians to extend compassion and empathy to their patients when their tank is empty.”

Dr. Maria DeLeon – Physician and Parkinson’s Disease Patient, Advocate

  • Viewpoint: Listening to patients and improving access to essential medications is crucial for better care.
  • Quote: “If we can’t even have the basic medications available, then we’re in trouble.”

Dr. Peter Small – Chief Medical Officer at Hyfe

  • Viewpoint: Real-time monitoring of symptoms, such as cough, can improve patient selection for clinical trials.
  • Quote: “The ability to know passively and in real time how much people are coughing… I think this is something that contract research organizations will jump on.”

Dr. Mark Pimentel – Gastroenterologist, Researcher, and Founder of a new breath test for IBS

  • Viewpoint: Advancements in understanding the microbiome can lead to precision medicine for IBS patients.
  • Quote: “We now know exactly who the bugs are… the treatment window for better and new things is wide open.”

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