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How the Market Pulse started: Origin, insights, & use cases

February 25, 2023 — By Claire Velayo

The 83bar Market Pulse is a comprehensive resource for those who sponsor, develop, and run clinical trials and commercial products and treatments. It provides the latest market trends and issues of interest to those in the healthcare industry.

Where did it all start?

It all started with one big idea — the Market Pulse

We recognize that healthcare consumers are the lifeblood of any business. This is why we place the patient’s needs at the center of everything we do. We understand the demand for empathy, understanding, and speed when interacting with healthcare consumers so that each individual has a successful journey through that participant’s clinical trial or the patient’s commercial experience.

But then again, not everyone had the same mindset. Enter — the Market Pulse.

This resource will change the way we think about the current state of clinical research and commercial products and treatments by offering a comprehensive view of how interest and patient-sentiment can influence the status quo. No longer do researchers have to rely solely on analysts’ predictions; they now have direct access to additional insights from the patient perspective — allowing them to make more informed decisions that could mean bigger returns!

Unlocking the potential of the Market Pulse

The market pulse was created with a goal of sharing ideas from a patient perspective — their interests, impacts, benefits, etc. This report emphasizes why a patient-focused approach should matter as part of the main journey towards improved health outcomes.

The Market Pulse was designed to report on news and trends that relate to patients and their issues, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Decentralized clinical trials (DCT) – the benefits and pitfalls as related to patients
  • Diversity in clinical trials – why its important, methods being used to achieve it, participating in clinical trials (or not) from a minority standpoint
  • Spotlight patient-centric companies
  • New clinical trial innovations, studies, biologic/molecular developments
  • Connection between topics and 83bar market/patient research (e.g., Patient Pulse, MFT, etc.)
  • Access to funding and how this impacts new products, trial launches, thereby restricting access for patients to new treatments, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other new technology innovations to accelerate, simplify or generally make clinical trial participation easier for people

To begin the report, we dug deep into clinical research and commercial products and treatments to uncover current trends, insights and any other factors that may have had an impact. We wanted to ensure that we had a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic field before sharing the patient perspective. As such, the research process involved immense care – gathering information from both primary sources and curated secondary sources to gain a better perspective. After careful consideration of all the gathered data, we then moved onto the next step: finding connections between the trends and facts collected.

After poring through research to detect trends and uncover insights, the next step of the process was to determine how they related. We studied the connections between current state of clinical research and commercial products and treatments, such as frequency with which specific products were mentioned in commercial settings and journals as well as market demands for treatments. It quickly became apparent that patients weren’t just asking for an improvement in existing market offerings—they were actively seeking new solutions to their unique problems.

We know the market and patients. We want to share our knowledge broadly in order to ensure more patients have a better experience on their healthcare journeys. At the same time, we promote what others within (and without) the industry are doing to help solve patient issues in order to help more patients, more quickly.

The evolution of the 83bar Market Pulse

The market pulse is an ever-evolving tool that is revolutionizing the clinical research and development market. 83bar is leveraging its market pulse insights to provide valuable information, not only into clinical research and commercial products and treatments, but also into the evolution of the market itself. In the future, it will be fascinating to see how this market pulse evolves and continues to play a major role in shaping clinical research processes across the world.

Over time, the Market Pulse will evolve to include client/prospect surveys, summarized results, and interpretation of these results. These surveys would enable us to respond with our own perspectives. In addition, we could create a wide variety of curated contact based on these surveys.

Topics for surveys could include questions related to:

  • The patient-centric approach and how respondents define it
  • New patient-related technologies respondents have or will put into place
  • Importance of diversity in trials and steps respondents are taking to increase it

The surveys could be referenced in the Market Pulse, included in the Market Pulse, or sent out through methods similar those used for the Patient Pulse.

With the 83bar market pulse, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly able to make better informed decisions that will ultimately prove beneficial for everyone involved. At 83bar, we are committed to making the patient experience as smooth and successful as possible. We strive for excellence in everything from our innovative solutions to top-notch support, so patients can be sure that their journey with us is worry-free.

You’re invited. Join us in focusing on the patient.

In searching for ways to broaden access to research and improve the patient experience. What are other key questions or concerns around the future of medtech, smart connected care, or the patient focus?

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