Welcome back to “The Patients Speak” podcast, where we blend the science and business of healthcare with the patient voice to accelerate the journey from diagnosis to wellness.

In Episode 38, we kick off a new season by reviewing the book “Patient Activation: The Four Steps to Going from Awareness to Activation,” co-authored by me and Bob Baurys. This resource aims to empower both healthcare professionals and patients, offering actionable steps to enhance patient engagement and activation.

This podcast was actually inspired by the book, providing a platform for real-life examples of patient activation and insights into patients’ minds. I’ll provide a sneak peek of key points from the book, covering the foundation of patient activation, steps to activate patients, the ongoing process of activation, collaboration between providers and patients, and the transformative potential of patient-centered care. Join us as we explore these concepts through interviews and experiences from our guests in the previous season and those to come in Season 2.

**Key Points from this Podcast Episode:**

1. Patient Activation: The book emphasizes helping patients become active participants in their healthcare journey, enhancing patient engagement and empowerment.

2. Steps of Patient Activation: The book outlines the patient activation process in stages, starting with locating and educating patients.

3. Ongoing Process: Patient activation isn’t a one-time event but a continuous journey that requires ongoing support and engagement.

4. Collaborative Approach: Healthcare providers must shift from a paternalistic approach to a collaborative one, working with patients to develop personalized care plans.

5. Transformative Potential: Patient activation has the power to transform healthcare by placing patients at the center of care, improving outcomes and enhancing the overall experience.

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Stay tuned for upcoming episodes in Season 2, featuring interviews with industry leaders, patient advocates, clinical researchers, and more. Thank you for joining us on this journey as we continue to amplify the patient voice and drive positive change in healthcare. Remember, when the patients speak, we all have a lot to learn.

Hosted by Mark Stinson, and produced by BSB Media