In this episode, host Mark Stinson interviews 4 digital health innovators who are making significant advancements in healthcare.

  • Cassandra Hui from HealMary
  • Matt Schwartz from Virgo
  • Olga Sasonova from Nutrisense
  • Navid Alipour from AI Med Global

Each guest shares their unique insights and experiences in using technology to improve patient outcomes and transform the healthcare industry. Here’s a summary of the key points discussed:

Guest 1: Cassandra Hui from HealMary

Cassandra Hui, the founder of HealMary, shares her personal motivation behind creating the company. Having experienced the challenges of navigating treatment options for her family members who had cancer, she recognized the need for an easier way for patients and caregivers to access information and support. HealMary utilizes technology to simplify the process of finding treatment options and connecting patients with clinical trials.

Quote: “It’s not a technology play. It’s about using technology to make it easier for people like myself who don’t have a science background.” – Cassandra Hui

Guest 2: Matt Schwartz from Virgo

Matt Schwartz, co-founder of Virgo, discusses how their company aims to improve patient outcomes in endoscopy procedures. They provide a cloud-based video capture and analysis platform that enhances the documentation and management of endoscopic procedures. By automating the video capture process and utilizing AI analysis, Virgo enables doctors to effectively review and utilize endoscopy videos for various purposes.

Quote: “We provide the leading cloud video capture management and AI analysis platform for endoscopy.” – Matt Schwartz

Guest 3: Olga Sasonova from Nutrisense

Olga Sasonova, an expert in data science and analytics, emphasizes the importance of utilizing data to gain a comprehensive understanding of patient experiences and outcomes. She explains how data can help uncover patterns and insights that may not be apparent through anecdotal experience alone. Olga focuses on the potential of tracking glucose levels as a vital sign in clinical trials and treatment efficacy prediction.

Quote: “Data, if gathered across the right dimensions, can help you understand why you may be seeing certain outcomes.” – Olga Sasonova

Guest 4: Navid Alipour from AI Med Global

Navid Alipour, co-founder of AI Med Global, highlights the significant advancements in precision medicine and the role of technology in improving patient outcomes. He discusses the importance of early detection, treatment, and monitoring in enhancing patient care. AI Med Global specializes in developing detection technologies for breast cancer and heart disease, as well as providing personalized treatment recommendations based on a patient’s specific molecular profile.

Quote: “Early detection is so critical… knowledge is power, and that allows decades of life to that individual.” – Navid Alipour

These digital health innovators are revolutionizing healthcare by leveraging technology and data to improve patient care, enhance treatment outcomes, and simplify access to medical information. Through their innovative solutions, they are addressing the needs and challenges faced by patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

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