In this podcast interview with Dr. Jay Shah, Mark highlights these key points:

– The shift from a healthcare-centric system to a patient-driven system over the last few decades.

– The evolution of healthcare from a physician-centric model to patient-centered care, and finally, to a patient-driven approach.

– The role of technology in empowering patients with control over their healthcare data and decisions.

– The importance of transparent pricing models and the ability for patients to compare and choose their healthcare services.

– The focus of Aktiia, Dr. Shah’s current company, on hypertension monitoring using wearable technology.

– The significance of continuous blood pressure monitoring in managing chronic diseases like hypertension.

– The potential for direct-to-patient and enterprise adoption of devices like Aktiia’s for better healthcare management.

– The challenges and opportunities in the digital health device industry, emphasizing the importance of accuracy and trust in data.

– How digital health tools can enhance the patient-physician relationship by providing continuous, reliable data.

– Dr. Shah’s advice to patients to be proactive, prepared, and empowered in managing their health in collaboration with their healthcare providers.

Dr. Shah highlights the importance of patients taking an active role in their healthcare journey and using technology as a tool to optimize their health. He also emphasizes the need for trustworthy and validated digital health devices to build trust between patients and physicians.

Dr. Jay’s Website

Jay is a seasoned physician leader with over 15 years of progressive and diverse experiences in the medical field and is currently helping Aktiia improve hypertension diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment as the Chief Medical Officer.

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