In this podcast interview with Dr. Fred Grossman, President and Chief Medical Officer of Coya, the following key points were discussed:

– The podcast, “The Patients Speak,” aims to bridge the gap between healthcare science and the patient perspective.

– Dr. Grossman highlighted the significant unmet needs in conditions like ALS and Alzheimer’s disease, emphasizing the personal impact on patients and their families.

– ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) is a rapidly progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects muscle function, speech, and respiration, with a high fatality rate.

– Alzheimer’s disease is also a devastating condition, and patients and their families are eagerly seeking treatments.

– The discussion touched on the importance of considering patients’ perspectives on daily activities, which are greatly affected by these conditions.

– Dr. Grossman emphasized the need for objective measures in clinical trials while acknowledging the importance of subjective input from patients and their families.

– Patients’ altruism and desire to contribute to research were highlighted as essential drivers in clinical trials.

– Dr. Grossman discussed Coya’s focus on regulatory T cells (Tregs) as a key cellular target in treating ALS due to their role in regulating inflammation.

– Coya’s treatment, Coya 302, aims to increase the number and function of Tregs to stabilize the immune system and halt ALS progression.

– The potential impact of Coya 302 was discussed, with the aim of prolonging survival and improving patients’ quality of life.

– Dr. Grossman mentioned that Coya is planning a large-scale study for Koya 302 with a potential start in six months.

– Collaboration with patient advocacy groups and the Healy Platform Trial was highlighted as a way to involve patients in research and speed up progress.

– The importance of clear and honest communication between patients and healthcare providers was emphasized, with patients having the right to know what to expect in their condition.

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