We manage the patient journey from symptom to solution

83bar empowers patients with education to help self-champion and expedite a positive healthcare outcome. We partner with pharmaceutical and medical device companies to navigate high-intent, ready-to-act patients to clinical trials that align to their symptoms or medical condition.

Supporting changes in patient pathways

83bar uses tech-enabled solutions, coupled with access to compassionate medical staff, to navigate highly-qualified patients to medical providers that care

Traditional clinical trial pathways

Physicians > Patients

Physician-lead clinical trial pathways have been the norm for decades. Over time, inefficiencies, time-pressures and pandemics have affected the quality of candidates for clinical trials

83bar clinical trial pathways

Patients > Physicians

Technology has enabled increased choice, access to information and better access to clinical trial options outside of the traditional provider referral pathway.

So how does it work?

Our 4-part LEAN (Locate, Evaluate, Activate, & Navigate) system delivers ready-to-act patients to medical providers


Digital Advertising

Patients see ads that relate to symptoms, sex, age and location.


Digital Screening

Patients complete a smart screener to prequalify for products or trials.


Rapid Response Outreach

An experienced medical professional reaches out in minutes to answer questions and further screen patients.


Flexible Navigation

Patients are guided through complex patient journeys via human touchpoints provided via text, emails or calls.

Benefits for your business

We want to deliver the very best experience for both patients and our clients, so we continually focus on time-savings, cost savings and flexibility

Patient Journey Management experts


Experience in 20+ therapeutic areas & associated diseases


Over 1.5M prospective patient conversations


10-12 real conversations with real patients every hour on our platform


100,000+ successful patient pathway outcomes

A platform that drives success

Patient insights

Our market research includes both traditional  and non-traditional methods to understand market demand.

  • Understand demand, demographics and opportunities

  • Rapidly generate quantitative and qualitative insights

  • De-risk trials and product commercialization before launch

Complete visibility

Full visibility into patient behaviors, attitudes and actions to identify success and incremental improvements for any campaign.

  • Reporting & analytics on all steps in the patient journey

  • Patient-level and macro-level campaign insights

  • Accurately forecast or optimize campaign performance

Clinical Contact Center

Our Contact Center provides personalized, rapid-response education, screening, and qualification for prospective patients.

  • Experienced nurses to pre-screen candidates

  • Patient contact occurs within minutes, not week

  • Inbound or outbound campaign

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We offer a risk-free solution to new clients, to help validate our ability to acquire the right patients based on your own inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Gain rapid-insights within days

  • Our clinical team will analyze your protocol, therapy, device, diagnostic or drug

  • Our marketing experts will design a small market research campaign to prove we can find then activate your patients

  • Gain peace of mind with a free forecast to determine if our services are viable for you

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We pay for every step in this process

Steps: Discovery - Results - Requirements - Build - Launch - Result - Recommend

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