Innovating Patient Care: A Conversation with Brittany Blair, Head of Patient Strategy and Solutions at UCB


Welcome back to “The Patients Speak,” where we blend the realms of healthcare innovation, science, and the invaluable patient perspective. In this episode, we’re joined by Brittany Blair, Head of Patient Strategy and Solutions at UCB, a pharmaceutical company committed to understanding and serving patients better. Let’s dive into the insights Brittany shares about the importance of listening to patients and translating their emotions into actionable insights.

Understanding the Patient:

Brittany emphasizes the significance of recognizing the hidden truths and emotions that drive patient behavior. It’s not just about gathering data but understanding the underlying emotions. She advocates for disciplined research into the customer or patient, delving beneath surface-level responses.

Leveraging Emotional Insights:

Patients often express their need to be heard and understood. Brittany explains how her team translates these emotions into actionable insights. They gather and theme data, focusing on emotional drivers, and use these insights to develop solutions that genuinely cater to patient needs.

Co-Creation with Patients:

UCB takes a unique approach by involving patients in the creation of materials intended for them. Instead of relying solely on internal development, they collaborate directly with patients. This fosters authenticity and ensures that the final products truly resonate with the intended audience.

The Power of Education:

Education plays a vital role in patient empowerment. Brittany discusses the importance of educating patients about their conditions and treatment options. Patients are increasingly seeking information, and pharma companies can contribute by providing educational resources that are easily accessible and authentic.

Access to Treatment:

Ensuring patients can access and afford treatments is a critical challenge. UCB addresses this issue by providing nurse navigators who help patients overcome logistical barriers. These navigators guide patients through the complex process of obtaining specialty medicines.

The Role of Digital Health:

Brittany highlights the potential of digital health in bridging gaps in the patient journey. She discusses the importance of connecting different phases of the patient journey, from pre-prescription to post-prescription. Additionally, she sees opportunities for pharma companies to partner with digital therapeutics providers to enhance patient care.

Innovations in Listening:

Brittany encourages companies to not only gather data through social listening but also take swift action based on insights. She emphasizes the value of periodic interactions with patients to gain a deeper understanding of their needs. Listening and acting promptly can make a significant impact on patient support.

Key Messages for UCB:

When asked about the key messages she’d deliver to UCB executives, Brittany emphasizes the need for investment in generating awareness for immunology products. She stresses the importance of maintaining balance among various stakeholders and disciplines in strategic choices. Lastly, she highlights the emotional aspect, mentioning that eliciting goosebumps is the ultimate goal to motivate patient action.

Closing Thoughts:

Brittany’s insights emphasize the importance of staying connected with patients, advocating for their needs, and continuously improving patient care. “The Patients Speak” will continue to explore healthcare innovation and patient perspectives in upcoming episodes.

Thank you for joining us on another insightful episode of “The Patients Speak.” We’ll be back with more conversations with healthcare leaders, patient advocates, and medical researchers dedicated to making a difference.

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