In this episode of “The Patients Speak” podcast, Mark Stinson engages in a conversation with Ben Stephen, the founder and CEO of Corventive, a company focused on addressing heart disease through innovative health technologies. Here are the key highlights of Ben’s work discussed in the podcast:

  1. Personal Experience and Mission: Ben Stephen shares his personal experience with heart disease, which led him to develop Corventive. He emphasizes that heart disease is a significant problem, being the leading cause of death in the United States and globally. Ben’s mission is to improve heart disease prevention and diagnosis.
  2. Heart Disease Identification: Corventive is building analytic software that can analyze existing medical tests routinely done for other reasons to identify patients at risk for heart disease. By examining unstructured data within radiology reports, the software can identify specific information that might signal a patient’s risk.
  3. Leveraging Existing Data: The software leverages experience from various medical tests, such as mammograms and CT scans, that patients already receive. It aims to help physicians identify patients at risk for heart disease based on overlooked information within these reports.
  4. Early Screening Tool: Corventive’s solution serves as an early screening tool that can identify patients at risk before they experience severe heart events. The software’s findings can guide discussions between patients and healthcare providers about preventive measures and further testing.
  5. Implications for Clinical Trials: The software’s capability to identify patients at risk for heart disease could also benefit clinical trials, helping identify potential candidates for testing new medications and medical devices for heart-related conditions.

Throughout the conversation, Ben emphasizes the importance of prevention in healthcare and the need for innovative technology to help physicians identify patients at risk for various diseases, ultimately aiming to save lives and improve patient outcomes.

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